Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

This is our first blog posting for our June 19 to July 2 2016 trip! As most of you know, Partners for Rural Health in the Dominican Republic has been traveling to the same communities for 21 years, providing excellent healthcare and giving nursing students and medical and non-medical volunteers the chance to deliver healthcare in a very different environment.

But this is our very first time blogging!! This will be a chance for our students and volunteers to express their thoughts and post some pictures about what they are seeing and doing down here in the Dominican Republic. It will also be a chance for proud parents, family and friends to keep up-to-date with what’s going on!

As this is our first time, some of us (read:all of us) are a little inexperienced with blogging, so please forgive any kinks in the process!

But we will do our best to keep everyone updated from the moment we leave Portland on June 19th until our return July 2nd. Happy reading and please feel free to leave us your comments!

For more information about PRHDR please see our web site – www.prhdr.org.