Second Day

DSC_0542.JPGAfter completing our first clinics today PRHDR is heading to Tinijitas and Yaroa.

This is an entry by voluteer Karen Twidwill about our first day and her experience in the PRHDR clinic at El Treinta.

“Tuesday was our first clinic day. We set up in a concrete pavilion on a Dominican mountainside. The views were just amazing. I was told the pavilion was once a disco spot. Currently, there is a broken down car and a stage where our pharmacy and lab were set up. The sincere faces of the Dominican people were priceless. The love they share for their neighbors leaves me wanting a more loving community that shares meals, smiles and hugs. The student nurses took on a whole new role of what it means to be a nurse.

I am grateful that a program exists to create such a bond of entirely different cultures. Tomorrow will be an exciting continuation of feelings, education and bonds.”

– Karen Twidwill

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