On the Road

DSC_0770.JPGThe day started like every other one here: rising just before daybreak and bustling around with the busy-ness of prepping for today’s clinics. By 7.40 AM breakfast was history and the first wave of trucks was loaded and ready to go. Sixteen of us set out for La Batata, where we were seeing patients coming from the local community and down from the neighboring community of El Brizon.

Along the way, we had to make a sharp 315 degree turn off the semi-paved road onto a very rocky, winding road. We shared the rocky road with cows, mules, pedestrians, motorcycles, chickens and turkeys. At one point, we slowed down to allow a line of seven or eight turkeys to cross the road, when the turkeys abruptly turned and charged toward us!

After a good laugh, we settled into the rest of our ride and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery while taking in views of the simple, laid-back yet hardworking lives here. Shortly after, we moved from quiet observer to active immersion into our care-provider role. By now there is no hesitation and we all just know what to do.


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